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Discover cost-effective solutions with our refurbished recycling equipment, offering businesses fully factory-refurbished machines that meet as-new working standards. Choose from a diverse selection of machines from assorted brands, tailoring your waste management strategy to fit your specific budget.


At MHM UK LTD, we understand the daily challenge of cost-effectiveness in business operations. By providing refurbished recycling machines, we empower companies with smaller waste management budgets to acquire high-quality, efficient equipment at a cost that suits their financial and environmental needs. Complemented by our service and maintenance plans, we ensure your equipment operates optimally.

32 Yd Portable Compactor


MHM UK LTD taking all important aspect of refurbishing to ensure machinery will be ready for a second lease on life for many more years to come.

Before Baler
Mid Work Baler
After Refurb Baler
14 Yd Portable Compactor Before Refurb
14 Yd Portable After Refurb Side View
14 YD Portable Compactor After Refurb Front View


If you're looking for reliable and affordable refurbished machinery for your waste management needs, MHM UK LTD has you covered. We keep a range of machinery in stock and are always happy to provide information on pricing and availability. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!

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